About the Godalming Performing Arts Festival

About the Godalming Performing Arts Festival

Welcome to Godalming Performing Arts Festival which includes Music, Dance, Musical Theatre and Speech & Drama.

We have many classes to cater for all ages and all levels of ability. Most classes are competitive, with a mark awarded but we also have non-competitive classes in most music sections which have no mark awarded. However, all entries receive instant feedback from an experienced professional who will also write a short report on each performance and which is presented at the end of each class.

The Festival is divided into sections for which there is a different secretary dealing with entries and enquiries, please see either the committee list or each class syllabus where you will find contact details for each secretary.


Entries can be made through the website. A small fee is charged for entering each class and this can be done by individuals, parents, teachers etc.


For music classes sometimes an accompanist is needed to perform a piece satisfactorily and if you are unable to find an accompanist yourself or through your teacher there is a list of people who are prepared to be approached for a fee. Details can be found on the relevant Section Rules.


Classes for Dance, Speech & Drama are from 9am but for many music sections they do not start before 3.45pm and on some days later. School Choirs start at 2pm at Charterhouse School. During the Festival it is more rewarding to play to a larger audience so please encourage all your family and friends to come and support you. A small entrance fee is charged for adults but children can come for free.


Coffee and biscuits are available during the Speech & Drama / Musical Theatre classes at Prior’s Field School. Sadly we are not able to provide any refreshment at St Catherine’s School and Charterhouse, the Borough Hall, Wilfrid Noyce Centre and St Peter & St Paul’s Church but the latter are near the centre of Godalming and there is a Waitrose opposite the Borough Hall.


There is free car parking at St Catherine’s School, Prior’s Field School and Charterhouse (very limited) for the Sections that use those venues. Parking in the centre of Godalming is available in the Crown Court Car Park with charges payable up to 6.30pm.


All trophies may be held for 11 months and then returned in a clean condition. Any engraving should be done at the holders expense.

Final Concert

Most years a final concert is held to which all are welcome. It consists of 3 -4 performances from most sections (not organ) featuring different ages but all of a very high standard at that level. It is usually an excellent evening, lasts about 2 hours and is followed by a short presentation of some major trophies. The evening concludes with a drink hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Godalming and gives an opportunity to meet some of the performers.  As there will be only a limited number of sections operating for the 2022 Festival, we are not planning to hold a final concert in 2022.