Terms of Entry

Our Terms of Entry

Please read our Terms of Entry carefully.

LATE ENTRIES MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED, please help us by entering online or sending entries in early.
The committee reserves the right to limit the number in a class should the need arise.
NB Choice of piece for music sections should be notified by 20 January at the very latest.
For Dance regulations please see Dance Syllabus

  1. Single or multiple ENTRIES should be made online on the website godalmingperformingartsfestival.com. Teachers submitting multiple entries must have informed all parents of the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy for Godalming Festival.
  2. Paper entry forms are available from section secretaries. A separate form must be completed for each Section entered and returned to the relevant Section Secretary. Cheques payable to Godalming Performing Arts Festival and entries to each section must be sent to the appropriate section secretary by closing date. The committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.
  3. It is preferable for competitors to arrange their own accompanists but a list of accompanists who are happy to be approached can be found on the pdf syllabuses for Strings & Solo Singing. It is the responsibility of the competitor to arrange rehearsal time by contacting one as soon as possible. A photocopy of the music should then be sent to the selected accompanist as soon as possible and preferably not later than early February 2021. Accompanists will charge an appropriate fee, which will be confirmed in writing prior to the commencement of any rehearsals and may vary according to the time involved for rehearsing, the level of the class and the level of preparation needed – please verify this directly with them. Payment for this is the sole responsibility of the entrant. Please recognise that an agreement once made should be honoured which includes any charges which may have been incurred at any stage if the competitor has to withdraw.
  4. The competitions are restricted to amateurs, except the Open Classes. An amateur is considered to be one who does not derive the main part of his income from that discipline in which he proposes to enter the Festival. Adult holders of recognised music diplomas and degrees may not compete in classes other than Open except as conductor or accompanist. In all classes, except when accompanying or as part of a group, no competitor may perform on the same instrument twice in any class.
  5. OWN CHOICE: A copy of Own Choice Music MUST be handed to the Adjudicator’s Steward before any performance. Failure to do this may result in disqualification or a loss of marks. Adjudicator’s copies should be clearly marked with the competitor’s name, class and the page number. Titles of ALL Own Choice Music, Poetry or Prose MUST be stated on the entry form. The publisher must be given for Poetry & Prose. Any change of Own Choice Music, Poetry or Prose MUST be notified to the Section Secretary at least ONE WEEK before the date of the performance at the Festival. This is essential for administrative reasons and timing, and failure to do so may incur disqualification or a loss of marks.
  6. Competitors may not offer the same piece in more than one class.
  7. TIME LIMITS given are generous and pieces chosen should be well within them. Use of shorter pieces will not be penalised but the performance will have marks deducted if the time limit is exceeded. The competitor may be disqualified.
  8. In accordance with advice from the British and International Federation of Festivals the following paragraphs apply concerning photocopies:

The Music Publishers’ Association Code of Practice on photocopying copyright works makes a concession for copying own choice pieces for the use of the adjudicator at a festival, provided that the entrant has already purchased his/her own copy. An original must be in the room at the time of performance and any copy made must be retained and destroyed by the Administrator of the festival immediately after the event.
Competitors are advised that this permission applies only to copyright holders who are members of The Music Publishers Association (listed at back of the Code of Practice leaflet, obtainable from the Association at 103 Kingsway WC2B 6QX http://www.mpaonline.org.uk). It is the competitors’ own responsibility to ensure that they seek permission to copy direct from any copyright holder whose name does not appear on the MPA list.
It is no longer necessary for competitors in Speech Own Choice Classes to seek copyright permission before performing poetry, prose or solo dramatic items. However, it is still necessary to obtain permission from the owner of the Performing Right before performing Duologues and Group Drama.

  • CERTIFICATES will be awarded as follows:

75-77 A performance limited in its communication
78-80 A performance showing development of technique and/or communication
81-83 A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability
84-86 A convincing performance technically and artistically
87-89 An excellent performance technically and artistically
90+ An exceptional performance both technically and artistically

TROPHIES, which remain the property of Godalming Music Festival:

  • will not be awarded for a mark less than 84. Some trophies will be presented by the adjudicator after the appropriate class. Some others possibly covering several classes will be presented at the Festival Concert.
  • are engraved where applicable at the competitor’s expense. All additions must be in keeping with existing engraving.
  • are held for ELEVEN MONTHS only. Care should be taken of them and they must be returned in a clean condition to the appropriate section secretary not later than 1 Feb. of the following year. Any damage is the responsibility of the holder.

The GOODRIDGE TROPHY will be awarded to the competitor over 14 years of age who gains the highest average mark in two or more different musical sections or on different instruments.
The JUBILEE TROPHY will be awarded, at the committee’s discretion, for a special achievement in any section of the Festival.

  • THE ADJUDICATOR may withhold any award and may stop any performance at his discretion. His decision in all cases shall be final. It is forbidden to communicate with the Adjudicator in any way.
  • FESTIVAL CONCERT. Some competitors may be invited by the Committee to perform their entries at the Festival Concert, provisionally dated for 21 March 2021. Major trophies will be presented at this concert and so competitors are asked to keep the date free if at all possible.
  • THE COMMITTEE shall have the power to make other regulations and to interpret or qualify any of the foregoing as occasion may arise and their decision shall be final